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By - Posted under: Browser, Design on October 3, 2011

In an ideal world, a designer can whip out the codes and viola! Things are done accordingly.

Unfortunately, the world is not ideal because we have to deal with cross-browser compatibility. As a designer, the worst nightmare is about having to deal with Internet Explorer because the “real browsers” like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, are following the international standard on rendering the website code. Only Internet Explorer got a different engine and own interpretation on the code. So when we, as designer, coded the website and tested live on Chrome or Firefox or Safari, we are glad the website is displayed correctly.

And then when we test it on Internet Explorer, we will groan in pain and scratch our head on the code, and most often than not we just wish we can remove Internet Explorer to make the world a better place.

And we have to deal with this issue on a daily basis.

Sometimes we will have take the issue into our own hands. There are some websites out there that do not want to provide support for Internet Explorer. When the website detects that a visitor is using Internet Explorer, the visitor will be redirected to a different landing page, telling them that their browser is not being supported and provide links to download Chrome, FireFox or Safari. The attitude is “If you want to use this site, come back with a better browser.”

In Malaysia, CIMB clicks website is the same, only that it’s reversed. Users with any browser other than Internet Explorer will be told to come back to the site with Internet Explorer. In my opinion, that’s a bold move and I admire it. But my only issue with it has to deal with security issues as Internet Explorer has many security holes, and online banking and share transaction using Internet Explorer only?

Furthermore, how about Mac OS users? Or Linux users? These users can’t install Internet Explorer to use the website.

So if we, as web designers, have to make a choice, it’s best if we choose Chrome, FireFox and Safari that can support multiple OSes than Internet Explorer.

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