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[Update: March 1st, 2012 GMT+8]
Facebook has just announced the availability of Timeline for Brand Page. Please check back later for more info on our guides, tips and announcement regarding Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages.

With the introduction to Facebook Timeline (we discussed about it here), the whole look of Facebook profile page has transformed and Facebook profile page looks much more beautiful, with a nice flow of information in timeline format. The cover photo is a wonderful feature that one can take advantage of showing what’s important to the visitors.

More and more companies are using Facebook Page to enhance their brand image, marketing campaign, product launch, and etc because Facebook is one of the best spiral online marketing tool to reach the mass. One prime example is Samsung; they have been using Facebook pages for their consumer products, such as their phones, TV, and etc. It helped Samsung to reach their target audience to create marketing buzz, inviting Facebook users to participate in their events, lucky draws, and etc. Hence, t is not a surprise that a lot of companies are eagerly waiting for Facebook Timeline for Page.

Unfortunately, Facebook Timeline for Page, such as brand page, is not yet available and Facebook has not announcd when will it be available, or will the Timeline for Page be available at all.

So what’s the alternative to make the pages more attractive, like Timeline for personal profile?

We came up with a temporary solution: registering a personal profile and take advantage of the Facebook Timeline feature. Like for Zymora, we have a Facebook page here, but we feel that it could be better if we have the Timeline feature. So we create a personal profile, and put our services, logo, and header as cover photo, as shown in the photo below.

Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline

Using this personal Facebook profile with Timeline enabled, we could enhance the look of the Facebook page. Furthermore, we enabled Twitter account on the personal Facebook profile together with the Facebook page, so by using Twitter, we can still seamlessly integrate our communication channel with the personal profile and page.

There are a few drawbacks of using this method.

First of all, the publicity reach is limited by the number of “friends” for the personal profile. For Facebook pages, the number of fans has no limit, and a good example is that on the day this article is written, Samsung mobile has 5,909,803 likes, Nike has 5,558,700 likes, and Nike Football has 9,173,194 likes. But with personal profile, the amount of information available to the public is limited by the number of friends you have in the Friends List, and currently there is an upper limit of 5,000 friends in personal profile.

Secondly, the personal profile page can only be registered by using one email address, so one must share the Facebook account password among the colleague and hence the limited accessibility means it is only suitable for Small to Medium sized corporations to reach their customers. On top of that, it imposes a security threat for that account because we can’t set an “Administrator” to control the access of each individual users.

Lastly, the Page information is public, meaning that anyone who browse to the Page can see the information inside. But for personal profile, the information available to the public is limited. The only work-around is by altering the Privacy Settings on that profile to allow public to view everything. (To do so, go to “Privacy Settings”, and enable “Public” under Timeline so that your Timeline is available to the public, including your Likes, Status Updates, Photos, etc.)

We hope that you find this article is useful and give you inspiration on how to use the Facebook Timeline to enhance your brand and your marketing campaign. If you require further information, please contact us to discuss things over on how we can help you.

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