Retina MacBook Pro Battery Last Shorter than Claimed? Here’s the Quick Fix

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The Retina MacBook Pro has a claimed of 7 hours battery life. Somehow the unit that we have does not last more than 4 hours of usage. Thinking that it might be hardware issues (faulty battery, etc), we tried several method to fix it but none of the method work.

Today we came across a website that provided a simple command that can fix the issue. Accord­ing to a user on Apple’s Sup­port Com­mu­ni­ties forum, your Mac­Book Pro’s bat­tery life could be dra­mat­i­cal­ly reduced by a cor­rupt file cre­at­ed by Migra­tion Assis­tant. The only way to improve it is to remove that file.

Simply follow the steps below:

  • Open up Ter­mi­nal on your Mac and type “ cd ~/Library/Preferences/” (with­out the quote marks) and hit return.
  • Now enter “rm” and hit enter again.
  • Final­ly, enter “kil­lall Dock”

You desk­top will now refresh — pos­si­bly chang­ing your wall­pa­per Mac to Lion’s default back­drop — and the cor­rupt file will be removed. If this is indeed the cause of your bat­tery woes, you should not find that your bat­tery life now increas­es sig­nif­i­cant­ly.

Please share with us if you found out that your Retina Display MacBook Pro’s battery life has improved significantly after performing the above command in Terminal.

Source: Apple’s Sup­port Com­mu­ni­ties forum

Apple has released a firmware update for your Retina Macbook Pro, so please launch your App Store and look for the update under “Updates” section.

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