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In a business world where the customer is paying for a service, it is inevitable that a comparison will be done based on value, quality of service, scope of service, and most importantly, price. Unfortunately, a lot of people are comparing only the prices, and normally they will go for the medium to low range as they feel that it is the easiest thing to do.

I personally disagree with these kind of price comparison because there are much more than just the price. I believe that the value is more important, because some designers might charge more because of the attention of details they give whereas the other guy who is charging half the price (or less) might not have the skill and the capability to go down to the minor detail that can make a big difference.

If you are in the midst of doing comparison, here is a guide to set the correct matrix in comparison and I will explain certain gimmick certain people use because I do hope that you are getting what you are paying for.

Scope of Service

Some people might provide a long list of items in their proposals, such as unlimited YouTube capability, unlimited Facebook integration, smartphone compatible, and my personal favourite; “On-line Media elements to be promoted”, which until today I still have no idea what that means.

Please bear in mind that a longer list of proposal doesn’t mean you are getting a better value for your money. I have seen a full A4 page of proposal but if you remove those gimmicks, there is no substance to the proposal. For example, YouTube is a free service, so of course it is unlimited. Facebook is free too, so there’s nothing special about it. Smartphone compatible? Any modern smartphone will be able to view any website nowadays, except Flash content on iOS device, which we talked about how Adobe is ending the developing of flash player for mobile platform. Also, there is a major difference between smartphone compatible and Responsive design. Our website is Responsive website, meaning in layman’s term that it will auto resize to fit the screen of your smartphone or table (try it yourself to view our website on a computer and your smartphone) so that it is easier to read the content. We wrote about the 5 things to consider when developing a mobile website and the importance of Responsive design before.

Normal website when viewed on a computer

Normal website when viewed on a computer

Responsive website when view on smartphone

Responsive website when view on smartphone

So how should you dissect all those gimmick to get to the bottom of the actual service the designers are providing? The answer is simple. Remove all those junk line of the proposal and get to down to the core of the service they are actually providing. Are they providing just a website template, or more? Which leads to the next point…

Compare Apple with an Apple

Like us at Zymora Technologies, we don’t just provide a website design package but a whole complete package, such as SEO (that’s Search Engine Optimization), Brand Strategy, Content Strategy and Content Management. You can read more about our scope of service here.

What it means is essentially we put your brand as the most important asset of yours and we will handle it with care. Before we even propose anything to you, we will chat with you to understand more about your brand, your vision plan, your future brand image, and then we will research on your industry to understand the details of it, and understand your competitors so that we can find that extra miles of advantage that we can provide you. After that, we will provide you with a detail plan on our strategy on our execution, our strategic plan on growing your brand image, and we even plan the content of your website as we have to ensure the quality of the content and also what we want your website visitors to see.

So if you compare just our price with someone who’s providing nothing but a WordPress template, that is not a fair comparison. So please take time to understand what you are comparing.

Attention to details

Put all the proposals together on the table and scrutinise them using a microscope if you must, and look at the key points. For example, when the layout of the website design has been presented, is it targeting at your target market? Depending on the purpose of having a website, you might want to use it to sell products, or you might want to use your website for your branding image. For different purposes, the website design should reflect the true vision of your company and working inline with your future plan. So when the companies are giving you a proposal, have they done their research on who is your target audience?

And then, look at other details. A lot of people are proposing SEO services, so do look at the proposed keywords. Are they relevant to your industry? Are those the keywords that your target audience will use to find companies that provide products and services like yours? Are these keywords likely to increase the exposure of your website, and armed with the proper website design that speaks your brand image and the right content, hence increasing the chances of converting these visitors to become customers that can bring actual value to your bottom line?

If your company name is Company FXWARK and they propose the keyword “FXWARK”, that’s moot because that is only targeting the people whom already know about “FXWARK”. Instead, look for the SEO keywords that is relevant to your industry and the keywords that your potential customers most likely to use.

Protect your biggest asset!

Someone might propose a price that is half than the other guy, but why is it so much cheaper and why the other guy is much more expensive? Get to the bottom of it because paying for cheaper doesn’t mean you are getting the best of deal. In fact, it might cost you beyond your imagination…


Your brand image is your biggest asset of the company, so you must safeguard and protect your brand image with utmost urgency. If you decide to go for a guy because his price is the cheapest, they might do more damage than you can imagine. So before you sign the dotted line, do evaluate them if they treasure your brand like you do, and if you can entrust them with your biggest asset.


It is inevitable to compare the services that you will receive since you are the one paying for it. But do know what you are comparing because in this industry, a lot of people like to put a long list of items in their proposals to make it looks like value-for-money. But do their proposal has substance in them or just lines and lines of junk gimmick to fill the page? In fact, I encourage you, as a consumer and as someone who is paying for the service, to compare. But compare it using the right matrix and compare an apple with an apple.

Imagine you walk in to a Ferrari dealer, and you start comparing a Ferrari with a cheap second-hand Honda Civic, and telling the salesman that “That Honda is 10% of your selling price!” And if you are selling a high-end product, I am sure you will feel insulted if someone walks up to you and compare your products with some knock-off third world produced products.

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