How much does it cost to do a website?

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During social functions, in a pub, or some gathering, when people find out what I do for a living (If you are still not sure, I highly recommend you to check out my company website here), I am often asked, “How much does it cost to do a website?”

To be honest, the answer ranges from FREE (yup, that’s ZERO dollars) to more than a few million bucks. The cost of a website is depending on what are your requirements. If you require a state-of-the-art website with full integration with your existing database and lots of functions, then the price will skyrocket to 5 figures. If all you need is a no frill website with the ease of updating, I would suggest that you go for free blogging tool like Blogger or free website builder like WiX.

Our common practice is this: First, we will identify your needs, your brand strategy, and also investigate your existing website for efficiency. Upon completion of understanding your needs and investigating the situations, we will provide you with the best proposal with the $ sign attached to it.

One common thing that happened when a person heard about the price is they would gasp for air, and after exhaling for a long time, they would mutter “Oh my, I didn’t expect it to be so expensive!”

The truth is, most people expect a website to cost less than a hundred bucks, and when they heard that the price is in the range of thousands, it shocked them. I can’t blame them because nowadays even a small kid has his own website or blog floating around, so their perception is such that a website should be cheap. For that, I blame Blogger and WiX. :)

What people fail to understand is the difference between those free platform website like Blogger and WiX and a professionally designed website. The amount of work required to craft out a beautiful website that speaks your brand is not an easy task, and for us at Zymora, we took the liberty to research your target market, your demographic, your brand identity, your competitions, and then work on providing you with a competitive edge against your competitors.

Furthermore, what most people fail to realize, and what I have been preaching, is that your company website is your most hardworking asset you have because it never take a day off, not even Christmas or Chinese New Year break (unless it is scheduled for a maintenance, of course). What’s more important is that your staff is confined to the location of your office, but your website can travel to all corner of the world without the need of a flight ticket, hotel charges, and passport. Your oversea potential customers can find you, and if you have a website that impress them with proper “Call for Action”, you can convert these people to become your customers.

Most importantly, your website is the front line of your sales force. If you can’t impress your visitors in that instance, you have already lost a potential customers. If your visitors can’t find the relevant information, or if the said information is too hidden to be found, your visitors might just go to another website, most probably your competitor, and if they can find the relevant information easily, you have already lost out to your competitor because your competitor has a higher chance of converting that visitor to become a customer.

That is why we put in so much effort not only in designing a beautiful website, but to provide SEO services to ensure the visibility of your products and services to the public, and content strategy witj content management so that the information is easily available to the visitors. Furthermore we also propose a proper “Call for Action” strategy that can convert these visitors to become your customers.

That is what we offer. We are not one of those companies that do a half-way job and then wash our hands off from the project. For us, we provide you a complete package and walk the long journey with you, providing you with the best and treating your biggest asset, your brand, with extra care.

So do you still think having a cheap website is more important than having a well-designed website that speaks your brand image to the world?

Please note that the price I mentioned here does not include web hosting services, domain registration, or any other cost. This article strictly speak in terms of website building.

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