WhatsApp to extend subscription to iOS

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WhatsApp is a popular mobile messaging app that started its life on iOS device. Over the years, it has evolved from a free app to become a US$0.99 app. It has millions of users and became one of the most used app to replace the conventional SMS because it uses your data plan (or WiFi) to send the text. WhatsApp is so popular that it is transmitting 17 billion messages daily.

WhatsApp has remained ads-free and iOS users just pay for the app for once but on other mobile platforms, WhatsApp is a free download app but has gone to a subscription-based model, with an annual fee to use the service after the first year (you can find more information at the source link below).

The company is now going to put the iOS version of WhatsApp in line with those other platforms by adopting an annual subscription later this year.

WhatsApp hasn’t set an exact date for the change, but company CEO Jan Koum was quoted as saying “…definitely this year. It’s on the road map.” WhatsApp is a tremendously popular messaging app, transmitting .

The future of the app is expected to remain in the mobile space instead of branching to the desktop. Koum said that “We feel strongly that the world is moving to mobile and [so] we want to be mobile-only.”

[source: WhatsApp FAQ and here.]

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