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Core Design Gallery


Core Design Gallery is a Contemporary Art Gallery and a Design Workshop based in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. It is an emerging art gallery that has gained a lot of traction in the art market in just a few short years, competing with other well known galleries.

Prior to engaging Zymora, Core Design Gallery has a website that is not user-friendly and lack of many features. Realizing the needs to have a more updated website that speaks the Core Design Gallery brand name, and the importance of SEO services to improve their website traffic to attract overseas potential art collectors, Core Design Gallery tasked Zymora to redesign their website and also incorporate SEO to improve their page ranking in Google.


  • To have a website that speaks the brand name of Core Design Gallery
  • To improve the online presence of Core Design Gallery (Art Gallery)
  • To have an easy-to-update website
  • The website should have a beautiful full screen image gallery
  • Cross-platform and responsive
  • Website must be fully ready before the next exhibition
  • SEO service to increase the ranking of Core Design Gallery in predefined keywords


Core Design Gallery is in a very unique situation because the company houses two divisions; Art Gallery and a Design Workshop.

The Art Gallery is the gallery that is selling, promoting and exhibiting Malaysia Contemporary Art done by local artists whereas Design Workshop is a division providing architectural design services and interior design services.

With two separate entity within the same website, we have to plan and strategize on the content to ensure that everything works seamlessly.

Furthermore, we only have about one month, which also coincide with Chinese New Year, to work on the website with content management.


To fulfill the main objectives of Core Design Gallery, we incorporate our Website Design, SEO, and Content Management services

Art Gallery division has more content update, hence we designed the whole platform on WordPress so the site owner can update the upcoming exhibitions information, news articles, artists profile and image / picture gallery with ease.

For the Design Workshop, because the content do not refresh that often, we created an online brochure with “flip book” effect to showcase the portfolio of the designers.

Our Services Involved: SEO / Search Engine Optimization, Website Design, and Content Management.


Core Design Gallery Landing Page

Core Design Gallery Landing Page

  • Core Design Gallery (Art Gallery) is ranked No. 2 on Google after 3 months.
  • Full responsive website (Art Gallery)
  • Cross-platform website
  • WordPress website that Core Design Gallery can update at anytime

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