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Ohara Florist



Ohara Florist is a florist based in Penang, Malaysia, with a web presence (at that provides fresh flower delivery, bouquet, and gifts to the whole of Malaysia through a wide range of network. Furthermore, they also provide flower arrangement courses for those who are interested.

Ohara Florist has been a familiar name in Penang and has been in business for many years. Unfortunately their website traffic and online sales have been stagnant over the years and they were only serving existing customers. With the main aim of increasing the website traffic and converting those traffic to become sales value, they have set out to look into SEO services that can boost their website traffic.

After much consideration, Ohara Florist engaged Zymora to perform SEO services on certain keywords.


Ohara Florist called us up and after a long discussion, we understand the main objectives and vision of Ohara Florist.

What Ohara Florist is looking for is:

  • To increase website traffic
  • To increase online sales
  • To improve web presence and attract new customers


After understanding the main objectives of Ohara Florist, we set out to tweak the Ohara Florist website for SEO purposes and optimize the structure. Furthermore, we have also tweaked the backend of the ecommerce platform to give it more visibility to the search engines.

Our Service: SEO / Search Engine Optimization


Rank number 3 on (information updated on October 14, 2013)

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