Case Studies: Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia


Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia is a not-for-profit organization targeting to carry out humanitarian, disaster relief, education fund and various other projects for the Rotary Clubs of Malaysia.


  • To have a website that serves as the information & resource centre for all the Rotary Clubs in Malaysia
  • Online Application Forms
  • Online Contribution Form
  • To have an easy-to-update website
  • News & Announcements section where the site admin can publish news and announcements easily
  • Cross-platform and responsive
  • Encourage Rotarians or non-Rotarians to contribute


Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia (YKKRM) has a long and rich history, and this will be their first website. There are a lot of archives since the beginning of time, and they have carried out many projects since the inception of YKKRM.

Furthermore, YYKRM is a not-for-profit organization and they source of income are from sponsorships and contributions from the Rotarians in Malaysia. So there must be a clear out-line for call-for-action for members to contribute.


To fulfill the main objectives of YKKRM, we incorporate our Website Design, SEO, and Content Management services.

We use WordPress CMS to design a theme template that is responsive with features such as sliders, online contact form, online application form, and online contribution form.

The reason why we use WordPress CMS is because we want to provide the flexibility of user updating the news, and with WordPress available as an app on both iOS and Android platform, updating the site can be done easily and at the convenience of the site admin.

Then we structure the website for the information layout so website visitors can find the information easily.


Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia website screen shot

Yayasan Kelab Kelab Rotary Malaysia website screen shot

  • YKKRM has a full function and full featured website
  • Full responsive website
  • Cross-platform website
  • WordPress website that YKKRM can update at anytime
  • Call-for-action slider to prompt visitors to contribute
  • Section footer call-for-action prompt for contribution

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