Comparing Using the Right Matrix

By - Posted under: Branding, Design, Guide, Web on March 28, 2013

In a business world where the customer is paying for a service, it is inevitable that a comparison will be done based on value, quality of service, scope of service, and most importantly, price. Unfortunately, a lot of people are comparing only the prices, and normally they will go for the medium to low range as they feel that it is the easiest thing to do.

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Opinion: Education Institute Website

By - Posted under: Opinion on March 26, 2013

Welcome to our Opinion section where we express our opinion on various topics ranging from industries, design, branding, content and SEO. Today we would like to discuss about the Education Institute website in Malaysia. The view expressed here in this article is strictly personal without any ill intention to harm anyone. Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

Ever since the evolution of the Internet, the amount of information available to us is staggering and it has shaped how we search for information. Many years ago, the mean of research we do was going to the library to look for journals, periodicals, publications, and books. Nowadays, whatever information we want, we can have it at our fingertip, accessing the information via our laptops, tablets, or even smartphones.
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